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Connect to the Alumni Association

The Coventry High School Alumni Association, Inc, 501(c)3, is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization
dedicated to providing scholarships to CHS seniors. In addition, through its Alumni Hall of Fame,
CHSAA seeks to recognize members of the alumni, administrators, former teachers and benefactors
who have made significant contributions to CHS and to their communities. Finally, when sufficient
resources are available, the CHSAA will seek to help with selected school projects with both financial
and logistical support.

Over the past 12 years the CHSAA has donated $2o2,00 in scholarships to CHS seniors with the help
of generous donations from many individuals and businesses, and a match from the Coventry
Teachers’ Alliance. In 2022 $38,000 in scholarships were presented to 23 CHS seniors. Over the
past 5 years, CHSAA has also donated over $11,000 for school projects!

Would you like to be a part of this active and successful movement to support and at times ensure
our graduates continue on to higher education? How can you help? First, we are looking for
members to work on our committee. Inquiries about the work can be sent to us at Second, consider donating to our scholarship fund. No donation is too
small to help us meet our goal. Donate today!



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